Wow Camp (With Weights)


Location: Parrenthorn High School, Heywood Road, Prestwich.

If a course has already started you may be able to join us or ask to do a trial session for £6.50.

If you wish to find out more, ask any questions or chat to me before hand or book a place please call me, Shirley on 07722033259 or email or use our contact form

New courses start every four weeks…

Four week course for four consecutive Mondays – £25

  • Missed session can be used in pay as you go classes, there is no carrying over of sessions in to the next block.
  • If you have a holiday booked I will allow a concession in price with advance notice.

The body you haven’t yet built!

This class is designed to achieve results that you have never experienced before if you have never tried weight lifting.

The thought of lifting weights and pumping iron is scary to lots of females as they fear bulking, or developing an athletic muscular appearance.

While you will build muscle on your body it is important to understand that it is muscles, or lack of them that defines your shape.

If you see muscle as a scaffolding to your body you will start to understand the support it can give you.

Lets start from the skeleton.

We all have the bones of a skeleton and without any fat or muscle on the body we can see how tiny this is.

Each bone has a muscle that attaches to it. It is muscles that cause our skeleton to move.

As we have a lot of bones that means we have a lot of muscles!

If you saw the muscles attached to the skeleton then you would still see that the figure is quite small and makes a trim figure.

The real problem about body size

The problem comes when fat is added to the body.

From the wrong foods (processed junk) we eat, and the lack of activity we do, fat starts to deposit on all areas of the body.

While it is healthy to have some fat, excess fat is not. Not only does it cause dangerous diseases but it starts to alter our figure in ways that make us feel uncomfortable in how we look and how we move.

Fat in excess will begin to droop.

It will also take up a lot of space, meaning bigger dress sizes.

Muscle’s really are a girls best friend!

You do not have this problem with muscle.

Muscles when worked correctly start to grow but only at such a small rate.

They lift and firm your body and start to create a shape that is feminine.

A masculine appearance comes from extreme dieting, extreme weight lifting and perhaps chemical enhancement. People who achieve this look have every intention of doing so, no matter what it takes.

This is where the fear of women lifting weights comes from .

However if you look at celebrities who have a body that defies there years, you can guarantee they have built and maintained muscle.

Class content:

Warm up (without weights) – Loosen up the joints, warm up the muscles in preparation for the main workout.

Warm up (with weights) – Practice the moves of the main workout and get the muscles ready.

Main workout – All muscles of the body will be worked, and you will feel it happening.

Core Training – Specific exercises to work deep into the waist, tummy and lower back. Sometimes with weights.

Deep Stretch – becoming more flexible not only keeps you moving easier and less aches and pains but will enhance your results.

What you will need…

For this class you need two dumbbells. Many people have them lying around the house or garage so ask your friends and family. You can purchase them at places like Argos  and sports direct. Some have even ordered them on amazon. We ask that you start with at least 3kg per hand. If you think you may need lighter or heavier please contact me to discuss.

If you wish to find out more, ask any questions or chat to me before hand or book a place please call me, Shirley on 07722033259 or email or use our contact form