Why Muscle Is A Girls Best Friend!

13 Nov
Over and over again when women tell me what they want, it’s ‘I just want to tone up!’
The first thing anyone has to realise is that fat is fat and muscle is muscle.
Two different things that cannot, no way, turn into each other.
You cannot tone up fat and by not exercising muscle, it cannot turn into fat. Ever!
To get a toned body you need to melt fat from your body and create muscle for shape and definition.
How far you take each is up to you. What do you want your final body to look like?
Women fear that lifting weights will make them look bulky but this is not true.
If you look at a bikini body builder you will see how petite they are. They have burned off excess (and more) body fat leaving them very petite so the judges can judge tem on their muscle shapes, symmetry and overall balance.
This of course is an extreme lifestyle that they do not maintain all year round but when in competition. It’s not necessarily the look we are going for but my point is to prove how small they look despite building lots of muscle.
Anyone who wants to be a smaller size must address body fat percentage. To melt body fat you will make changes to your diet as we have discussed but building muscle is vital.
Not only does having more muscle on your body make you feel stronger, less sluggish and younger but it will boost your metabolism meaning you burn more calories 24/7.
Excess fat is of no use to your body in this day and age. It will gather in rolls, droop and make you feel uncomfortable.
Muscle can not be built by food alone, you must use the muscles in a way that they feel challenged. This in turn stimulates the muscle to grow.
Eat clean foods to melt fat, nourish the body and build muscle to burn more calories and shape the body. Build from the inside and melt form the outside.
Eventually as fat begins to melt you will start to reveal the work from your exercise. How defined you want your muscles to be depends on how much body fat you carry.
It is important to realise these simple steps and keep it in mind when selecting your foods and exercise.
The exercise videos I have provided you with work every muscle on the body.
You cannot tone a muscle without growing the muscle. As you work through the videos you will feel the specific muscles working. Know that each time you do them you are causing a response from your muscles to become stronger, more compact and lifted.
Find an exercise hard? Need to stop because your muscles burn? GOOD! This is what is needed to grow your muscles. Keep it up!
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