PLEASE NOTE: There will be no class Monday 30th January only. Strong will resume the following week.


A one hour class consist of:
(Roughly 50 minute standing/10 floor work)sbz_logo_bb_v
Warm up 7-10 min
Gently easing you into the moves ahead, loosening joints and warming the muscles.
Ignite  Quadrant 1 8-12 min
The first quarter allows you to practice some moves yet to come.
Recharge Dance Break 1 30-90 sec
RELAX and enjoy. No fuss basic moves
Fire-Up Quadrant 2 8-12 min
Let’s work harder, if you want. You have the base moves let’s progress them!
Recharge Dance Break 2 30-90 sec
Another breather
Push Your Limits Quadrant 3 8-12 min
Ready to work harder, you know what your doing!
Recharge Dance Break 3 30-90 sec
Just in time, another break.
Floorplay Quadrant 4 8-12 min
Mats out for floor work to target the tummy, waist, arms and chest.
Recharge Dance Break 4 30-90 sec
Stand up, the hard work is over.
Cool Down Cool-Down 4-6 min
Beautiful stretches to reward your hard work.
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