The word STRONG can be off putting to many women who haven’t exercised in a while or haven’t tried a high intensity class before. Being ‘strong’ isn’t something you have to already be. It is something you achieve

PLEASE NOTE: NO CLASS on Monday 22nd April 2019 Bank Holiday). We will have a class as usual on Wednesday24th April.

We have a certain amount of strength already, of course, but getting stronger is one of the best things you can do for your body.

Not only will you find moving around easier but you will defy the years by looking and feeling younger, the stronger you get.

This video is a promotional video and does not indicate what you have to do in your STRONG by Zumba class with me. There are options, alternatives and you will see your progress week by week.

A one hour class consist of:
(Roughly 50 minute standing/10 floor work)sbz_logo_bb_v
Warm up 7-10 min
Gently easing you into the moves ahead, loosening joints and warming the muscles.
Ignite  Quadrant 1 8-12 min
The first quarter allows you to practice some moves yet to come.
Recharge Dance Break 1 30-90 sec
RELAX and enjoy. No fuss basic moves
Fire-Up Quadrant 2 8-12 min
Let’s work harder, if you want. You have the base moves let’s progress them!
Recharge Dance Break 2 30-90 sec
Another breather
Push Your Limits Quadrant 3 8-12 min
Ready to work harder, you know what your doing!
Recharge Dance Break 3 30-90 sec
Just in time, another break.
Floorplay Quadrant 4 8-12 min
Mats out for floor work to target the tummy, waist, arms and chest.
Recharge Dance Break 4 30-90 sec
Stand up, the hard work is over.
Cool Down Cool-Down 4-6 min
Beautiful stretches to reward your hard work.