Welcome to Her Fitness.

My name is Shirley Sadler and I have created this home on the internet for women who have had years of misery with dieting and exercise.

With over 18 years in the fitness industry I have picked up many tips and tricks to make the task of ‘losing weight’ easier and enjoyable.

On this site you will find resources to help you change your mind-set, be and stay motivated, how to eat healthier and exercise in a way that fast tracks your resultsĀ  and may even take you beyond your current expectations.

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You will see different categories and the latest posts I have done, from recipes, work outs, inspiration and education.


However we all know that to ‘lose weight’ we need to cut out the processed foods and move more.

So that is what I help you do!

Women and modern diets and exercise.

Briefly let me explain to you where I am coming from.

I like to refer to fat loss rather than weight loss as when depriving yourself of enough calories and nutrients you can also lose precious muscle mass.

Muscle is key to keeping you not only strong, keeping a steady metabolism but shaping your body.

Muscle does not sag but fat does.

It is not true that you become masculine looking by simply increasing the muscle on your body. But it is true that if you do not use your muscles for the purpose they are intended for, they will weaken as you age.


So many diets…

You may have tried every ‘diet’ under the sun. There is a new one to try almost every week but I like to refer to diet as what you eat.

We are all on a diet….

Babies have a diet they follow, animals have natural diets they are built for so they follow that diet.

It is my belief we stay close to nature and natural, literally like nature intended!

It is my belief that we aim to work on being healthy rather than thin or what we weigh.

It is my belief we do not count calories but eat when we are hungry. I don’t mean cravings but genuine hunger.

It doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy treats, of course you can but there is a better way to treat your body. Workout, eat well and feel the benefits of the two and you will learn to enjoy those as much as any bottle of wine or chocolate bar.




All views on this site are my own and I do not offer any medical advice. My opinions should not be substituted for advice any medical professionals advise or prescribe you.