Winter is here! Time to hide?

19 Nov
Do you hide in winter. The weather has turned for sure and soon we can expect the ice and snow.

I love all weathers for different reasons but depending on the weather can usually depend on the activities people usually prefer!

The beach or the local park is great in summer and cozying up with a good book is nice on a windy rainy day.

You can also enjoy a book lounging on the beach/park and a good walk on a wet and windy day.

But during the winter we tend to turn a blind eye to the little things like shaving our legs (or is it just me?) but there are important things we tend to neglect as well.

Things like eating fruit and salads. Things like working out.

After work or a busy day it’s easy to want to just sit in front of the TV and make less effort because it’s not bikini or summer tops weather.

You can use this time of year a little more wisely though.

Go to bed earlier, get some mood enhancing, craving reducing, energy giving sleep!
Relax more, enjoy hot relaxing baths, reading a book or magazine, watching movies…bring those stress levels down.
As darkness sets in early evening it may feel like the evening are long but that’s great as you will have more time at home so why not create some simple hearty and healthy meals like a vegetable chilli, curry or soups.
Why not use your winter months to gain that advantage on your inevitable new years resolutions?
It all depends on the way you look at it!

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