Who Dares Wins!

19 Nov

Do you watch it. It’s a program of thirty civilians going through part of the┬áSAS selection process.

The aim is to basically push the to their limits mentally, physically and emotionally. It’s tough watching! The intention is not for them to be recruited if they make it to the end but to see if they can withstand the pressure. I suppose it’s like a personal challenge.

The staff (leaders) put them through tough challenges over and over often until some of the civilians quit.

They are all determined to get through but sometimes they quit of their own accord or selected to leave.

Every single one is winner by simply putting themselves in the position of discomfort.

I can’t help thinking what would happen to me if I was in the female version! I like the idea of being pushed but I also thought if I was doing this exact training to prepare me for a life of battle I would not want it! But if you want to change your shape then you have to enjoy or learn to enjoy the training and eating that leads to those results.

A leader said in one episode ‘I don’t think anyone is all weak or anyone is all strong’.

That makes sense as we all have strengths and weaknesses.

He then said ‘a strong person knows his weaknesses’.

This applies to anyone who wants to achieve something great.

Do you know your weaknesses?

Do you fear getting uncomfortable?

Can you identify those weaknesses? Do you identify it with food, exercise or both?

What about feeling uncomfortable? Food, exercise or both?

We may fear the thought of working our muscles or dread abstaining from food we know is not good for us, but changing your lifestyle is not something you should fear and charge ahead with but something you want to do and learn to get better over time.
Can you think of any weaknesses you have tackled head on and found success with in any area of your life?

Can you think of uncomfortable situations that you have put yourself in but found a great lesson to be learned?

In exercise I like people to identify their weaknesses and it’s at the point of failure that you will build your strength!

When a muscle starts to feel weak as you work it you can guarantee it will rebuild that little bit stronger and with that over time comes new muscle, new shape and new strength.

Next comes the challenge of persistence. You stop, you stop progressing, just like in the show who dares wins.

I am not suggesting exercise has to be as gruelling as what they are put through on the show. But it does involve some mental strength to begin, continue and see it through to the end result. By then you will be so in love with exercise because it has given you perhaps more than you initially thought.

It’s quite surprising who quits and who finds the determination to see it through. You just never know how much of a warrior you are until you add challenge and discomfort.

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