The Apprentice

19 Nov

Do you watch it?

If you do you may remember Ruth who was fired a couple of weeks ago.

She was vibrant, healthy and full of energy. She was also the eldest contestant to appear on the show.

There was even a scene when they were getting ready in the morning when she was in her underwear. Her figure was flab free! It’s clear she lifts weights or does resistance exercise because you see the muscles in her arms. You can only make muscle grow by using them to do an activity that challenges them remember?

On the after show where they interview the latest fired candidate she was asked about her energy and it was shown that she was always juicing.

Other contestants were saying the fridge was full of packets of berries and vegetables and she was full of energy.

This is not me saying you should or shouldn’t be a juicer, I’m pointing out the food that made up her daily diet.

I have never been a juicer (not because I don’t want to, make me a juice and I’ll have it, but I don’t have the equipment and quite enjoy crunching the foods) but I am an occasional fan of smoothies but whether you juice or smoothie your fruit and vegetables or just eat them as sold there is no denying they are life giving food.

Very different from processed foods that are in greater abundance in your local supermarket!

If you feel tired often, take a look at what you’ve eaten. Has your digestive system struggled to digest the food perhaps. Has it been lacking in nutrition failing to nourish the body? Remember any unusual symptoms should always be brought to the attention of your doctor.

Juicing is a great way of consuming lots of fruits and vegetables but it’s not the only way. There are so many ways to include natures goodness into your meals what is important is that you do!

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