It’s Only a Number!

19 Nov

Talking to my partner about his weight lifting and he was saying about his mindset being on how much he can lift in weight and it’s like a competition at the gym between the guys. Secretly looking to see the number of kilo’s they are lifting.

I’m constantly on at him to look at all round fitness rather than just the strength but also telling him not to rush ahead and be led by his ego.

He now lifts partly because I love weights so much and he seen it transform my body, partly because he lifted in his youth and partly because he cares most about strength always priding himself being strong but I can see how easy it is to get side tracked and focus on the numbers not the end result.

So it got me thinking about how some men in the gym focus on the numbers (how many kilos they can lift) And how women focus on the numbers on the scales or their dress label.

Maybe the numbers┬ácan be the end goal but have you got to focus on the journey. The safety, the enjoyment, the effectiveness of what you are doing. Is it worth going for the ‘number’ without considering what you else you may lose?

Just loss of weight or dress size done in the way of eating as little as possible and aerobic/cardio exercise to watch the number of calories you burn is a miserable game, I’ve done it!

You thoughts can turn to negative ones as you repeatedly fail to maintain that focus.

In my experience the ones who focus on how their body moves and function in all kinds of ways get the best looking body and the healthier and more capable body.

This is where people start to enjoy exercise as there is a greater reward than number loss.
Aiming just for a low number or on the scales and acting accordingly by severe calorie restriction can end up losing you health benefits, strength and your positive mind!

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