19 Nov

Sometimes the fear of something is so paralysing that we choose not to start something or learn something new.

What if I fail, what if I look daft, what if I just can’t do it?

Fear is a very strong emotion. Could it be that you are fearful of beginning a new eating or exercise regime but don’t quite realise it?

Maybe that you are so focused on the what ifs that you forget about the evidence. The real fact that eating heathy and exercising is scientifically proven to improve your body in how it functions and how it looks.

This fear could shatter your confidence and prevent you from moving forward.

If you think long and hard maybe you can identify with this…

I am already a failure.

Have you already written yourself off before trying, committing and seeing it through to the end. When I say the end, I mean the deepest image you hold in your mind about YOUR ideal body after you achieve it.

How can you be a failure if you haven’t started yet?

If you have made attempts and feel like you’ve failed, you haven’t! You are still learning and still looking for the right mindset and that¬†will enable you to take¬†action.

Maybe the wrong diet or exercise failed YOU.

Let’s say you are in the swing of it, making progress dropping inches. Why do so many come off track? Is it fear of finishing the task in hand?

Is there a fear that others may treat you different. Do you fear not blending into the background. Do you fear losing your comfort zone?

All this fear that is subconsciously going on in your head is going to ruin one critical element to your success.


Yes you can enjoy exercising and creating healthy meals!

Everything doesn’t have to be so negative.

Where is the negativity to adding active healthy years to your life?

Where is the negativity in moving freely and without pain?

Where is the negativity in glowing and looking good?

See, there is nothing to fear …..

How about switching your focus to the benefits of learning, progression and development of you?

Next time you feel fear in any area of your life remember this….

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