Are You Getting Old?

19 Nov

You aren’t  getting any younger, we know the to be true but yet again it is only a number.

Working with so many women I see all levels of fitness and all types of mindsets.

What makes someone old. Is it really just age?

Decades ago 40/50/60 was considered old but if you look around you these days it’s clear this is no longer true.

As someone in my 40s I don’t feel old and I don’t plan to feel older as time goes by.

The way I exercise and eat is primarily the reason why I feel this way and this is driven by mindset.  I have no intention of changing it but to continue to improve and feel younger as I age.

I intend to grow stronger, not grow old.

To me it is how your body works that can make you feel old.

Have you ever tried climbing the stairs, or got out of bed and had some pain or stiffness? That’s what would make me feel old.

I can’t say I don’t have those moments but I am certain if I didn’t exercise that I would feel my 42 years and then some!

You can be an old 20 year old or a young 60 year old, I’ve seen it.

Young adults who can’t reach their toes whilst standing and 50+ women who can with ease.

I’ve seen young women failing to lift their body weight and mature women do press up after press up with ease. I’ve also seen it the other way round.

The only difference between the ones who moves with ease and the ones who don’t is how they exercise. How they move, how they challenge themselves.

What about how you move, how you feel and how you look?

Do you feel young in mind and old in body?

The best news is it is never too late to do something to reverse the effects.

You can feel younger everyday that goes by!

You can be an old 20 year old or a young 60 year old. Or you can be a young 20 year old or a young 60 year old! Can stay young.

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