What Are You Made Of?

11 Oct

Over the last 16 years I have done more ‘formal’ training in exercise than I have done in food/healthy eating.

I used to hate exercise but I have always loved eating!

Since I can remember I have always took notice of diets and exercise trends, eventually leading me to enter the industry as my career and now my business.

It was on my second qualification (2003) that I learned about the power of having muscle. As part of my studying I would take myself off to the gym and lift weights and what I discovered felt like a complete miracle. To see my body take in a whole new shape was life changing.

You don’t only have to lift weights to build muscle, any┬ákind of weight will work. You don’t need to buy equipment either! You already have what you need and that is your body!

Using gravity you can use body parts to move in ways that challenge you enough to build strength. Strength can only come from muscle.

Yet to women, muscle seems to be an ugly word!

Look at every person you see today and remind yourself, ‘they have muscle’.

Look at yourself and say, ‘I have muscle!’

Each person will have varying amounts. But notice this…

The ones whose muscles you can see are the ones who hold the least fat on their body.

We all know about muscle definition.

Form rippling body builders (don’t worry that’s not where I’m leading you) to the slightly defined celebs such as Jennifer Anniston and JLo to Cameron Diaz and Mel B.

These women are mature enough to have age as an enemy but clearly they are maintaining their youthful bodies by using them in muscle building ways.

All examples above look different form each other but they are all toned. Each will have a different body fat percentage but they are not carrying excess body fat.

How much fat you choose to have on your body is ultimately up to you How defined you wish to look is up to you.

You can manipulate that by the amount of fat and the amount of muscle you have. This is called body composition.

So wether you want a curvier, voluptuous type of body or a very lean slender one, your choice of food and exercise still remain the same for either result. Then you manipulate either more/less foods or more/less exercise because you can actually change your look!

(I have been both and it entirely depends upon the food I am eating and the type of exercise I’m doing at the time.)

Natural foods for the glowing skin, shiny hair, strong nails and generally healthy cells that make up your entire being.

Muscle building exercise to shape, defy gravity and to get you feeling strong and youthful.

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