Temptation All Around!

13 Oct

The shops, on TV, at work and even at home in your cupboards!

Special offers, colourful packaging and addictive ingredients all to lure you into purchasing sugary foods.

Now your not a fool and easily tricked, I’m sure your aware what you should be eating and not eating so why do we fall for it?

Tiredness? When your tired you will want sugary foods to get you through the rest of your day. Sugar is an instant energy booster but comes at a cost to your health and waistline.

Cravings? Sugary foods will lead to wanting more. This is because you eat sugar, insulin is produced to get the sugar out of your bloodstream causing a dip in sugar levels, leaving you feeling lethargic and wanting more sugar. If you cave in you find yourself on a roller coaster of dips and peaks.

Hungry? When you are hungry your body craves energy instantly. Here comes the sugar craving again! Sugar provides instant energy and if it’s not going to be used up, it will be converted to fat and stored as ‘love handles’.

Emotional? Something sweet is often seen as a treat, a pick me up. Why are chocolates so popular as a gift of love?

While you can’t avoid being tired, hungry, craving and feeling emotional sometimes, you can certainly work on reducing the amount of times that we do.

But when they do strike there is something you can do to reduce the negative impact of sugar on your body.

The idea is to eat a protein rich food with the sugary food.

Protein foods include meat, fish, nuts, seeds, quinoa, lentils, pulses.

Eat a protein rich food before, during or straight after a sugary snack if you have to have it, that is.

Protein will help slow down that potentially dangerous spike in your blood sugar levels and giving you a steadier supply of energy opposed to the known sugar rush.

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