Mushroom Burger Stack

26 Oct

There is no bread involved in this burger and you can change the ingredients within but use the large flat mushrooms as the bun!


In this stack there is

  • sliced avocado
  • fried tomatoes
  • fried yellow pepper
  • fried red onion

The mushroom makes the top and the bottom.

I fried the mushrooms first then left to one side.

I lightly fried the pepper, onion and tomato slices and layered all together.

I fried them all in rice bran oil but you could grill these ingredients instead to reduce the fat content if you wish.

I served with this uncooked salad and added some pickled jalapeƱos sliced peppers.


I found these jalepenos in home bargains!


They are simply jalapeƱos peppers in vinegar, water and salt.


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