Do You Need Support?

15 Oct

Don’t you think it’s crazy that some women put their life on hold because of how much they weigh?

Cancelling a night out because they don’t feel as good as they want to in their outfit?

Opting for baggy clothes when they long to wear something fitting.

Putting off going to the gym or exercise class because they feel they may be judged.

Maybe…..putting off taking any action on improving their diet and fitness because it’s all too overwhelming?

Are you one of those women?

Do you look at other people and think they should be hiding at home and missing out on life because they are not a certain shape?

It’s crazy! Then why should you be stuck on a hamster wheel of misery and putting life on hold?

No matter your size, weight or imperfections you are enough. You are special and you matter to me.

The person in your heart, your mind and your soul is who you are. You already have a beautiful functioning body. What you may have is an unwanted accessories also known as love handles, muffin tops and bingo wings and want to learn how to rid of them. It can be done.

The best thing I find is having support. Daily.

Support from people who feel or have felt like you. People who care about you and want to see you succeed to reach YOUR goals.

I run a group just like this on Facebook and it would be great to have you join us.

Not once has there been conflict. Not once has there been bitching. Not once has someone been judged negatively. Not only because I wouldn’t allow it but because they are a great bunch of women!

Send me a message, let me know if you could do with that kind of support….for free….contact

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