What’s The Plan?

24 Sep

What’s the plan?

In the downloadable form I gave you to build your perfect menu, have you placed anything in it yet?

Did you try a new recipe based on healthier, wheat free, minimal processed foods? Did you write it down? Did you add the ingredients to your shopping List?

Are there some nights in your week that you don’t have anything on? No driving around, dropping off picking up. Why not make them special nights where you focus on cooking and spending quality time with loved ones.

To help you be inspired I have a few suggestions…

For instance on a Saturday night I end up making a curry for me and my fiancé so that is one day box taken care of.

On a Wednesday evening I do not work so me and my daughter have started cooking together and even though it will be a different recipe each time that is another evening taken care of.

Every time you find a new recipe, simple or not place it in the box relevant. So you could come up with 7 breakfast ideas, 7 lunches and 7 evening meals.

Even if your form has only a couple of ideas that you are confident whipping up then it’s ok to repeat them until you have built your list.

I urge people to fine tune a 3 day plan and repeat until you are ready to expand. Make sure it fits your lifestyle.

Where do you need to grab and go versus when can you prepare and cook?

Soon you will end up with many meal ideas that you can rotate. Often you will find that you use the same ingredients to make different varieties like…

Soups – creamy, green, meaty or spicy. But they are all soups.

Chilli – mushroom, potato, vegetable or meaty. But they are all chilli.

Curry – creamy, mild, chick pea, lentil, vegetable or meaty. But they are all curry.

Salad – fish, avocado, meaty, warm or cold but they are all salads.

Form the ingredients above you can make other recipes like a cottage pie, ratatouille, stir fries.

Repeating, re using and rejigging, all work to widen your menu.

As you go, you learn more, discover new ideas and find shopping, cooking and planning easier.

If you are shopping this weekend what are you leaving out and adding in?

Are you going to increase the amount of vegetables you buy?

Are you going to attempt a new recipe?

Are you going to cook for yourself, friends and family as a treat and make it more of an occasion than doing the usual ?

If so plan it now and execute later, otherwise you may find you are caught out and lose control of your diet.

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