Snack Attack!

22 Sep

Some say you should snack between meals and some say you shouldn’t!

I say if you are going to snack and are tempted by junk food like chocolate or crisps then it is far better to have a healthy snack than those.

Further into your journey of healthier eating you may find you no longer think about snacking. You may be a person who does or does not need snacking and this can change over time.
Most of all don’t feel bad if you have a snack to tide you over until your next meal.
Do you know why you get hungry?
Firstly your body requires fuel to survive, thrive and be active but you are also looking for nourishment.
Have you ever eaten a meal and then you feel hungry soon after? That could be because the meal did not have the nutrients your body required.
Take a look at these snack for some inspiration.

Banana Ice Cream


Gluten Free Muesli

Kale Crisps

The others are simply fruit, vegetables or nuts and seeds as you buy them.

It is handy to haveĀ snackĀ items at your place of work and in your kitchen for quick nibbles


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