Sleep Quality and Amount

14 Sep

IMG_1269Sleep is important for so many reasons. It is when your body rejuvenates and it is important to get enough quality sleep so you are not making bad food choices the next day.

If you are tired your cravings for sugar and caffeine will be high.
This in turn will lead you to have another bad nights sleep.
Tips for a better nights sleep include:
  • Do not use iPads, phones or laptops while in bed or in the couple of hours before you wish to sleep
  • Have your room cool rather than too warm
  • Use ear plugs and eye mask to blank out sounds and light
  • Do a relaxing activity in bed if you cannot fall asleep right away. Knitting, reading, listening to calming music or anything else you find soothing.
  • Aim to get to bed by 10pm as your stress hormones start to lower. Forcing yourself to stay awake after this will hinder this. High level of cortisol is linked to higher belly fat.
  • Wake earlier the next day. Set an alarm if you have to, in turn you will be more likely tired by bed time and drift of easier.
  • Limit caffeine intake during the day and do not consume after 3pm. Read ingredients on your drinks, it is in more products than you may realise.
  • Persevere, give it time

Download your sleep diary to get an honest overall look at your sleep patterns. Sleep Record

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