Periscope – It’s The Future

28 Sep

Do you like social media? Facebook, instagram, pinterest or any of the others?

Whether you do or don’t I just have to share this one with you…Periscope! It may become your favourite and easily addictive.
Periscope is a live streaming app that lets you press ‘start broadcast’ video and that’s it you are LIVE to the world, GULP! But it also allows you to be a viewer and remain anonymous.
I have been raving about Periscope for weeks now encouraging people to get the app and many have seen my LIVE broadcasts. Or at least the REPLAY of it.
What can Periscope offer you?
As a broadcaster:
  • You can get your message out there and inspire others. Offer support build a community or just share your life experiences.
  • If you have a passion or hobby you want to share with people then you can build a following and teach them tips and tricks.
  • You can do a private scope with friends or family

As a viewer:

  • Meet new people/Socialise
  • Learn new things

Search the map of the world and tap where you see red dots. That means someone is broadcasting. Read the stream title for clues of the content. Be wary of non profile pictures and no description but I guarantee you will find something interesting.

It is easy to be a viewer. You don’t have to say or do anything but watch if that’s what you want.

Periscope is the fastest growing social media app ever and it is only going to get better.

When events happen round the world there is always going to be there to broadcast it live. It is more powerful than the news!

I have watched sunsets across the world, chatted with millionaires, seen live concerts and listened and talk to every day people form across the globe.


The etiquette:
If you enjoy the broadcaster give hearts by tapping the screen. Share their broadcast on twitter or Facebook by swiping right to left on ios or swipe up on android and press the relevant link or share with all or specific followers.
Its a simple app to use.
What inspires my scopes is what inspires me to write for this website. The fact that you can help someone by sharing knowledge and offering support.
Whichever side of the camera you want to be on Periscope is for everyone.
Find me on Periscope here. Happy scoping!

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