Frozen Almond and Date Bar!

23 Sep

This is a recipe I am not sure what to call!

It was a recipe that didn’t quite go to plan but I’m glad.

After making the base it was too sticky than I had hoped for so I decided to freeze them and what I got was something that reminded me of nougat!



  • 100g cashews (soak in cold water for at least 30 minutes)
  • Half of a lemon juiced
  • 1 tablespoon of melted coconut oil
  • 1 tablespoon of agave


  • 5 medjool dates
  • 100g blanched almonds (without skin)

Soak oak the medjool dates in hot water for a few minutes

Gound down the almonds in a food processor ( or use ground almonds, 150g)


Drain the dates and add to the ground almond and blend thoroughly to a sticky paste


Place this to set in the freezer in any suitable dish you have


Take  the soaked cashew, melted coconut oil, lemon juice and agave, blend to form a cream


Place over the base and return to the freezer


The longer you leave them the harder they get so I left mine overnight as I wasn’t keen on the sticky base


I managed to get a good 6 bars out of them and you could even cut them into squares






Snack Attack!

22 Sep

Some say you should snack between meals and some say you shouldn’t!

I say if you are going to snack and are tempted by junk food like chocolate or crisps then it is far better to have a healthy snack than those.

Further into your journey of healthier eating you may find you no longer think about snacking. You may be a person who does or does not need snacking and this can change over time.
Most of all don’t feel bad if you have a snack to tide you over until your next meal.
Do you know why you get hungry?
Firstly your body requires fuel to survive, thrive and be active but you are also looking for nourishment.
Have you ever eaten a meal and then you feel hungry soon after? That could be because the meal did not have the nutrients your body required.
Take a look at these snack for some inspiration.

Banana Ice Cream


Gluten Free Muesli

Kale Crisps

The others are simply fruit, vegetables or nuts and seeds as you buy them.

It is handy to have snack items at your place of work and in your kitchen for quick nibbles


Eat Rainbows

22 Sep

If you see plates of fruit and vegetables of different varieties you will see the beautiful colours.

Each colour food has its own unique nutrients.




Not only are these ideas great for snacks and fast food (not that type) they are pleasing to the eye.

Eating a wide variety of fruit and vegetables will help you to receive many vitamins and minerals.


Vitamins are micronutrients and unlike macronutrients they are needed in smaller quantities.

The government recommend a MINIMUM daily amount to prevent disease but we need far more than recommended to gain real health benefits. Remember healthy, equal’s fat loss.

Foods that are processed often lose their vitamins and are replaced with synthetic ones. Vitamins you buy in the shops may not be great quality and not even absorbed by the body!

Vitamins come in two categories. Fat soluble and water soluble.

FAT soluble vitamins are easy to remember. ADEK. Vitamins A, D, E and K.

These are not needed every day as they are stored in fat tissue and the liver.

You can find vitamin A in orange and dark green vegetables like butternut squash, carrots, spinach, kale etc.

Vitamin D comes from sunlight and you should allow 20 minutes of skin exposure once or twice a week. Wearing sun cream can mean you may not obtain adequate vitamin D but do not risk burning in the sun, you know the dangers.

Vitamin E is great for skin and can be found in foods like nuts and seeds as well as fruits and vegetables.

Water soluble vitamins are the B vitamins and vitamin C and ARE required everyday.

You will find vitamin C in citrus fruits and lots of vegetables and vitamin B in meat, fish, legumes, nuts and eggs.

You can see how the eating rainbows allows you to get adequate amounts of vitamins from your food.

Lots of foods overlap in vitamins so keep eating a rainbow!

Some individuals will need additional supplements as recommended by a doctor.


Bulk Buy

21 Sep
When you go shopping you always buy items like toilet rolls in bulk! It makes no sense to go out and buy one daily mainly because we have busy lives.
As you continue to develop your shopping lists and favourite go to meals there are foods that you find are included over and over again.
Sweet potatoes’
Brown Rice
Gluten free oats
Lentils, beans and pulses (either ready made or dried)
Fish or meat (can be frozen to preserve freshness
Olive oil
Coconut oil
Chilli powder
Curry powder
Stock cubes (gluten free)
Chopped tomatoes
There are lots of foods that can be stored for quite a while, make sure you stock up when they are on special offer!
Fruit and fresh vegetables however are best bought every couple of days fresh but if you buy them frozen you will always have them ready to whip up a meal.
You don’t want to be too overwhelmed when trying to eat healthier. It helps to keep things as simple as possible.
One tip I use is using my iPad.
On it there is an app called numbers.
I have made a chart in the app and every time I buy a new ingredient that is not on my list I add it.
Next to each item is a box that can be ticked or unticked.
When I run out of an item I simply tick the box and next time I am shopping I know I need to buy this item!
So simple.
If you do not have access to this simply make a list in your notes on your phone and save it as shopping list
Have you ever been shopping and you are hungry and you buy things that you want to eat now? Ended up filling your trolley with anything because you haven’t been able to shop with a rational mind or clear plan?
Being prepared in this way means you will buy from your list and not all the cleverly placed products that are displayed to lure you into purchasing.
I would avoid shopping when you are hungry too.
Now the supermarkets are open all night maybe you could find a better time to shop?
Late hours means you can browse and read labels and discover new and exciting items.

Flavour Your Vegetables

21 Sep

Vegetables do not have to be boring!

There are many ways to liven up a salads, stir fries and other dishes.


Balsamic vinegar – This a prepared product and has  a sweet vinegar taste. splash on to raw salads or vegetables before roasting.

Roasted balsamic veg


Lemon juice – Just pure lemon juice gives a fresh taste to salads or even rice.

lemon rice and greens

Lime juice – As above, use freshly squeezed.

Garlic – crushed garlic in some olive oil adds a lot of flavour.

garlic and potato salad


Coriander – fresh chopped coriander leaves are nice mixed into many dishes. Curries, soups and stir fries but livens up a plain salad.

chick pea and coriander curry

Chillies (fresh or dried) – Chopped and mixed with olive oil gives some heat and spice.

coriander salsa

Ginger – Warm and spicy, great for sweet dishes.

ginger cookies

Apple cider vinegar – Like the other ingredients this is great alone or mixed with olive oil.

Sea Salt – use instead of table salt. Great for salt cravings

kale crisps


salad tabbouleh

Basil will complements any tomato dish

raw basil and tomato soup

Cinnamon or  nutmeg are great in porridge (gluten free).

Olive oil – To add some good fats to your diet and give a new texture try adding some other ingredients to a bit of olive oil such as lime juice and apple cider vinegar, chilli and or garlic.

Tamari sauce is a gluten free soy sauce.

Gluten Free Stock cubes for a mixture of herbs and spices for lots of dishes.

These art my favourite and simple ways to liven up many dishes.

Be creative and blend to suit your taste.



It’s Monday Mentality

20 Sep

Well it’s Monday (again)

Today millions of women across the globe will be starting a diet (again) that causes the to feel guilty, miserable and obsessed with food in a negative way.

But not for us!

When you change your diet to cleaner foods, you clean up your body. There is nothing you cannot eat.

Many recipes can be made healthy and even if you do have processed foods or drinks your healthier body is able to deal with it better than when it is overloaded with toxins.

It’s impossible to avoid all toxins. When the body is toxic fat gain is one way the body protects your organs. To keep the toxins away from your organs.

We should always strive to better our diet as we learn more. More recipes, more knowledge, more ways to support our journey.

You don’t have to see this as something you are ‘on’ but something you ‘do’.

Doesn’t that feel good. I think it takes a lot of pressure of you having to be perfect at following a fad diet!

Talking of faddy diets…they do work! They will certainly help you lose weight but as I mentioned in this video it may not just be fat that you are losing.

Have you heard of skinny fat?

This is when a person looks slim but in fact they have a high body fat percentage.

They are the kind of women who are happy with their size and weight but ‘want to tone up’.

This was the type of woman I was before becoming educated.

The thing is you cannot tone up body fat.

Muscle is the only thing that can be toned. That’s another mistake women make. They do not want to build muscle. Muscles are for men right?

Certainly not. Look at celebrities who pay a fortune for a personal trainer. Their trainer will have them doing strength exercises which is not limited to just lifting weights.

You can see if a slim person includes strength training as their body will have shape and definition. How much definition you see depends on their level of body fat.

It is also important to realise that someone can strength train but you do not see their muscle or definition because their body fat is high and covers the muscle.

Remember the advert can you pinch an inch? That is body fat. So if you can pinch inches from your upper arms, waist, tummy, hips and thighs, fat loss is your aim.

Your cleaner diet is a fast way for your body to begin letting go of this fat.

Building muscle accelerates the process as muscle is active tissue. Meaning it takes more energy (calories) for it to just be there on your body. The more muscle you have the more calories you burn while exercising.


Measure Not Weigh!

19 Sep

I advise using measurements to track your progress.

If you weigh yourself they can become very addictive and soul destroying as weight fluctuates throughout the day.

Think about this: If you have food in your belly you will weigh more than having an empty stomach!

But you will not look any different on the outside.

Losing weight is a vague statement because ‘what’ exactly are you losing?

Body fat reduction should be your aim. It is fat that wobbles, hangs and makes you feel lethargic.

Taking measurements around your bust, waist, hips thighs and arms are ideal.

If you are taking up a strength programme be aware the inches may even increase. If it is due to lean muscle do not fear, it simply means your body is changing shape. The shape it is meant to be.

Download a form to track your measurements Measure Your Changes


Banana Ice Cream

18 Sep

Ingredients: Bananas!

There are other ingredients you can add to make different flavours but it is delicious with just bananas.

Its better to to use ripened bananas, even over ripe for easier blending.

I used to add the bananas unpeeled to the freezer but now I chop them up first.

Here’s what to do:

Peel and chop bananas into slices.

Place in a bag or container and freeze. I do two bananas in one bag as one serving.

Two chopped bananas

When you wish to make this desert simply take out the desired amount of chopped bananas and leave at room temperature for 20-30 minutes.

They will be starting to go soft on the outside.

Place into your blender and use the S blade.

Blitz, blitz and blitz until a creamy texture forms.

Many stop too early leaving a crumb like texture.

It is now ready to serve!


It is amazing how dairy like this tastes. It certainly fills you up and does not feel like you are simply eating two bananas!


Here I added cinnamon sprinkled on the top



This one I did by making three batches

The first as described above .

The second with added blackberries.

The third again only banana but the remains of the blackberries turned it pink!

the great thing is you don’t have to measure out ingredients  just as many bananas as you need/want!


Why not try a chocolate version?


Shopping List Guide

17 Sep

I am not suggesting you go out and buy all these ingredients this weekend because you may find you don’t feel like eating them and find a lot of it could go to waste.

Use this as a list of the types of food you want to be eating.

Learn to create meals and recipes from them.

As you need them add them to your personal shopping list.

All foods contain either fats, protein or carbohydrates. Sometimes a mix of two or all three.

No food group should be avoided as each has an important role to play in the health of your body.

Follow these simple rules as you begin to change how you eat.

  • Start with simple recipes
  • Make sure you have quick meal ingredients in at all times
  • Write down all the meals that you feel are healthy and you love. This way you will start to build up a menu of your own.
  • Every meal does not have to have fat, protein and carbohydrate but look at the menu at the end of the day to make sure you are getting all macronutrients.
  • Remember what you drink counts towards your nutrition or lack of it! Most drinks are sugary. Choose water where possible and drink mainly between meals.
  • Aim to shop every few days to keep stocked up on fresh foods, or buy frozen to keep freshness. This includes vegetables too. Although salad will require fresh unfrozen vegetables for best taste.
  • Aim to eat as much raw foods as you can, meaning vegetables, especially dark green vegetables.


Fruits – All fruits in unlimited quantities in a raw unaltered state. These are handy for when you need a quick sweet snack and great for some healthy desserts too! Vegetables – Use a variety of fresh vegetables for salads. Include dark green leafy vegetables as often as you can. Frozen vegetables are great for quick stir fries, soups, curries and other dishes.

Nuts – Almonds, brazil, cashew, chestnuts , macadamia, pecans, pine, pistachio and walnuts. (Fats and Protein)

Seeds – Poppy, pumpkin, sesame, sunflower, hemp seeds. (Fats and Protein) Oils (cold) – Olive oil (Fats) Oils (for cooking) – Organic Coconut oil

Drinks – Decaffeinated tea or herbal tea. WATER WATER WATER!

Meat -Buy organic, grass fed meat where possible. (Fats and Protein)

Fish – Buy fresh where possible. (Fats and Protein) Legumes – All lentils and beans/pea either pre-cooked in water only or dried. (Carbohydrates and Protein)

Herbs and Spices – Fresh, frozen or dried to add flavour to dishes.

Dairy – Use organic Live natural yoghurts, organic eggs, organic milk, goats cheese. (Fats and Protein)
Other items: (Carbohydrates)

  • Gluten Free Oats
  • Buckwheat
  • Millet,
  • Quinoa
  • Brown rice
  • Potatoes
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Buckwheat
  • Rice Noodles (that are only rice flour)



  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Garlic
  • Chillies
  • Carton tomatoes
  • Sea Salt
  • Curry powders
  • Chilli Powder
  • Seasonings (that come in a grinder)

There will be many more items you can use!

Check the ingredients, the product should be only one or very few ingredients.

Download this guide: shopping list

and a shop list guide

Create your Perfect Menu

17 Sep

When you are first changing your diet to include fresh and natural foods you will find there are times you get it just right!

Either write down those meals/snacks or download this form to keep track so you can always refer back to it..

Many women have found they have done great for a day/week/month and then something in their life has thrown them right off track and when it come to getting back on track they feel confused and lost for inspiration.

Once again writing things down helps!

Download my Perfect Week Template perfectweek

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