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15 Sep

A while ago I asked ladies to send in what they were eating that day so I could give it one of my menu makeovers.

I don’t think it is realistic to go from a diet of mainly processed food to all out ‘perfection’ whatever that is, but there are definitely ways to improve an daily menu.


Here are some past examples.

See if this can inspire you to do your own menu make over.

It is a good idea to write down all that you eat. Then you can see your patterns and cravings.

Go here for help with that.

Then you can make a new plan of improved eating.

Do this often!

When you feel you are getting it just right be sure to have weekly meal planner so you can repeat when you feel lost for inspiration.

Any advice contained in menu makeover is based on my opinion of how to make meals or snack healthier. It should NOT be taken as medical advice.

Example 1.

Breakfast:  Porridge made with water, added to it a mix of nuts, raisins, soya beans, sunflower seeds & pumpkin seeds
Improve it: I love all the seeds and nuts in this breakfast for a good dose of protein and good fats. Porridge is ok start to the day but I would use only occasionally and make it gluten free too. Try the nuts and seeds with fruit some days and fruit and nuts with organic, live natural yoghurt another day. Try to have three to five different breakfasts and rotate them.
Dinner:  3 Crackers (named brand) with tuna and a salad of tomatoes, cucumber and lettuce
Improve it:  Tuna is a good choice of protein to help feed muscles and fresh or tinned is fine. Vary the fish that you eat and aim for three portions a week. Most cracker products contain gluten (as sated on their website). I would double the vegetable content and add some good fats like olive oil drizzle with herbs and/or an avocado. I would choose dark green leaves over lettuce.
Tea: Sliced beef in gravy, stuffed peppers with couscous,
Carrots and green beans
Improve it:   When it comes to beef we should buy the best money can buy and organic. The quality of the animals food is directly passed onto us. I personally eat a meat free diet but I do not consider meat alternatives to be a healthy option as they are processed. Cous cous contains wheat so could cause bloating, try replacing with a great alternative (looks the same and cooks the same) quinoa. (Keen- wah). No wheat and has a great protein profile (perfect for vegetarians). Our wow campers eat lots of it with chillies curries etc. you could even stuff the pepper with it!
Carrots and green beans I cannot argue with but the gravy is likely to contain wheat to.
Drinks: Tea. Water
Improve it:  I love a good cup of tea myself and try to have decaf when possible. Experiment with other teas like green teas and fruit teas. As for water, I like mine to be mineral or filtered water (a whole other story) and aim for 2 litres a day. I have been seen with various colours of water as i add other products to it, turning the into either a health drink (green) or an energy drink (orange).
If you want to send in your daily menu for a makeover send an email to: with the subject MENU MAKEOVER.
Your identity will remain anonymous to our readers.

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