Menu Makeover 3

15 Sep
Any advice contained in menu makeover is based on my opinion of how to make meals or snack healthier. It should NOT be taken as medical advice.


I usually skip it if not hungry and at 11am have fruit such as berries to snack on.

If I have exercised the night before or am doing so that evening I have porridge oats or bran flakes with skimmed milk and fruit (banana / berries) and honey

Improve it:  If you are not hungry in the morning it may be that you have eaten late at night the night before. Sometimes workouts or lifestyle may dictate this. We can have breakfast at anytime it is simply the first meal of the day. (My CHEW Plan 2 programme advanced nutrition tactics covers this in more detail).
WHAT you eat however has a massive role to play in what you will eat ro want to eat for the rest of the day. You begin your day choosing fat storage or fat burning for the next 24 hours.
While there are some good choices here for breakfast it is carbohydrate heavy. Carbohydrates are required for energy so are essential BUT very soon after you will be craving more so adding some protein such as nuts or eggs would be ideal.
I would (as last weeks daily menu) make the oats gluten free but stay away from bran flakes as they are less of a a natural food. High in fibre yes but fruit and nuts would also provide that along with vitamins and minerals.
IF I consumed milk I would use full fat as the removal of fat leads to further processing and fat is not your enemy as you may have been led to believe. The fat content may make you feel more full and satisfied.
Dinner:  Salad: pepper, tomatoes, cucumber, spinach, with either  tuna in water or chicken breast in a Nandos rub with seeds on the top and a splash of salad cream light on the side
Improve it: I love this dinner as there is lots of vegetables and raw too! Plenty of fibre and vitamins and minerals. I would go over the top with spinach or other green leaves such as watercress and rocket. The darker the better.
THe tuna and chicken are nice choices of protein which is essential for building and repairing muscle and are a great choice after working your muscles in Zumba Toning, Wow camp or FIRM.
I would ditch the LIGHT salad cream (again if you are going to have salad cream have the full fat version, I bet if you checked labels the light version would have more sugar in it).
Check the ingredients of the Nanado’s rub I have no idea! I love foods best that have only one ingredient. Like an apple contains…….well apple!
Olive oil, garlic, lemons, chillies, tamari sauce and other herbs and spices can make good dressing.
Vegetarians can add some seeds or nuts to the salad to add their protein.
Tea: Piece of meat or fish with vegetables and a sauce or gravy.
Occasional snack of something sweet such as a Freddo or a yogurt as a desert.
Iimprove it: Occasional snacks of this size can be allowed without to much damage to your goals. I advise walking to the shops for that ONE snack rather than buying in bulk so you are not tempted to eat them all!
Most women find they have a sweet tooth and it is a good idea to try and learn about foods and how they affect your body so they overtime become less appealing or you learn how to control the cravings or limit any damage sugar may cause.
Fruit like kiwi, strawberries and mango can be nice dessert smooothied together with some nuts. Use less fruit juice to make it thicker!
Snacks: Weight Watchers cereal bar or Weight Watchers chocolate bar / fruit of any kind / Medjool date
Improve it: When snacking try to be aware why you are snacking on WHAT you are snacking on. Often there are clues to behavioural eating  such as comfort, tiredness, emotional or boredom. If you are genuinely hungry then no problem. As breakfast all of the above are carbohydrate heavy and will lead you to want more later. And then more after them……
Drinks: Water (1 litre) / decaf tea and skimmed milk
Improve it:  At least double your water intake and as breakfast I advise the full fat milk over the skimmed and preferably organic too.
Consider trying other forms of milk such as rice, almond and hemp milk.
Experiment with herbal teas and green tea.
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