Menu Make Over 2

15 Sep
Any advice contained in menu makeover is based on my opinion of how to make meals or snack healthier. It should NOT be taken as medical advice.

Breakfast: Porridge with Almonds and Blueberries
Improve it: You could use gluten free porridge or skip the porridge and double up on the fruit and nuts.
Gluten may not be digested easily by the body and foods containing wheat or gluten can cause you to feel bunged up or bloated. Often the foods containing wheat and gluten are heavily processed removing many of the nutritional benefit. Nuts and fruits are in a more natural state (check labels if packaged) containing lots of fibre and nutritional value.
Dinner: Bacon (2 rashers) on a toasted bagel (white) with tomato sauce
Improve it: Try to make sure red meat was organic and grass fed beef. I would swap the bagel for the above reasons and add a boiled egg or two or an omlette. The tomato sauce would be swapped for a fresh grilled tomato.
These changes would reduce the sugar content of the meal and add to the protein content. Meaning less fat storage on the hips and more protein to repair and build the body stronger.
Tea: Oven baked cod with tomato and basil sauce (Birdseye), Ratatouille and boiled new potatoes
Improve it: the fish and sauce sound good but it would be better fresh rather than a frozen packet. If the ratatouille was home made that would be great too! I love potatoes but sweet potatoes can be a great alternative also. Chopped into wedges or scallops and baked in coconut oil is delicious.
Snacks: Kit kat (2 fingers), tangerine and a banana.
Improve it: Thumbs up for the fruit and instead of the chocolate some more nuts would have been ok. Even if the nuts contain more fat and calories that is fine because nuts contain a healthy fat and calories that will be used to keep your body working well. Low calorie is not the most important issue in choosing a food.
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