Down Time

23 Sep

Down time is time you are literally stood or sat around doing nothing. Usually waiting for someone or something

Waiting in the car when picking someone up
Sat in a waiting room
Stood in a queue

That type of thing.

Notice how often this happens and seeing you can use the time productively.

Waiting times can be spent

Whilst driving. – Listening to audios. Download a podcast or even listen to calming music compared to stressful news bulletins and traffic updates

Waiting rooms – have a book with you whether it be fiction or educational. Reading will take your mind of everyday nonsense and if you spot a good article in a waiting room magazine or a recipe take a photo for future reference! If you don’t document it, it will leave your mind forever.

Planning – plan your week. Make lists of things you need to do and get the clutter out of your mind and on to paper.

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