Don’t Wing It!

23 Sep

Don’t wing it!

If you have been Trying to improve your diet but found you are not making changes, it could be the busy lifestyle you are leading or the mindset you find yourself in.

If you are busy putting everything and everyone else first, why?

Fo you not deserve to be a priority in your life?

It isn’t selfish. If you want and need to be looking after others then don’t they deserve you to be at your best to do your best by them?

on this set I have included forms to print (or design your own) to keep a visible tracker of what you are doing and what you need to do.

Think about this

What unimportant things do you give your valuable time to?

Candy crush
Coronation street

Ok they may be a feature you want to stay in your life but should they be the first thing you give your attention to when you have some spare time?

If you have a moment instead of turning to things like these why not whip out your notes and tweak them. Improve them. Look at a new recipe and jot down what you need.


Go here to see the resources

Don’t wing it, till your in the swing of it!

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