Are you on a diet?

14 Sep

Diets are the conversations of millions of women each day. Everywhere you go you will here women talking about it. IMG_1271

I’m going on a diet.
When you here this you are likely to assume that’s she is going to start cutting calories.
You may feel some compassion towards the deprivation and torture she is about to endure as you have been that women. Many times maybe?
The truth is the word diet simply means what you eat.
So you are always on a diet.
It is what’s in your diet that makes a difference to whether you are under or overweight. Healthy or unhealthy.
You can tweak a diet, restrict a diet or change a diet but you are always on a diet.

This week I want you to take an honest look at YOUR DIET

What are your cravings
When do you overeat
When do you skip meals
When does food make you happy
When does food make you unhappy
When does food make you feel energised
When does food make you sluggish/tired
WHAT are you eating
Print out your form to track your daily ‘diet’ daily Diet Record

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