All or Nothing? No way!

30 Sep

Its not all or nothing. You are a woman who wants the best of both worlds.

To be able to drink wine, dine in restaurants or cafes (if your like me) and indulge in some sweet cravings.

But you also want to feel better in your clothes, feel less sluggish and tired AND look radiant.

It is possible and how much you spend in each world depends on your exercise. These three things matter…a lot!

Consistency, intensity and specificity.

Consistency – exercise does not have to consume your life. It doesn’t even have to be a daily occurrence but it does have to be regular and you do have to be consistent.

Intensity – gone are the days trying to burn calories in a treadmill. Exercise where you long for it to be over and it feels like it could be doing you more harm than good. You know when it feels like your bones and joints can take no more.

Specific – when you are a woman who wants the best of both worlds it is essential that you do strength work. As you age, muscle begins to deteriorate unless you do something to stimulate new muscle growth. Not all exercise is created equal.

So how often, how intense and how specific?

If you can find 20-40 minutes 3-4 times a week your on your way to life changing results. But you can’t do it for three weeks then stop!

Ever wondered why you feel weak walking up stairs and lifting heavy objects? Your body is not used to it on a consistent (that word again) basis. If you don’t give your muscles a reason to get stronger than why would they? You have to give them the signals they need by using them more intensely than you would all the times you are not exercising.

What is specific to us women who want the best of both worlds?

Counting calories and then trying to run them off is a losing battle. Not only that but if you do not include strength work you also run (excuse the pun) the risk of burning your muscles as fuel. Double disaster. All it takes is one bad food choice and you have run up a debt of a few hours running.

Having more muscle on your body burns calories even while you sleep. Running is a great hobby and a great way of keeping fit but you must have strength training in your week. Consistently! So in this instance as a woman who wants the best of both worlds we specifically want to build muscle so we become a fat burning machine.

Don’t worry about getting bulky, more on that next time….

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