Bulk Your Food Out With (More) Vegetables

30 Sep

Whatever food choice you make, you can always fill it out with extra vegetables.

Here is what I did with one meal

Add extra vegetables to your meal for more volume and goodness!
Add extra vegetables to your meal for more volume and goodness!


Then add the food you were actually going to eat!
Then add the food you were actually going to eat!


I was at a friends and she decided to cook. The food she had was less than I anted alone let alone between the two of us, so we raided her freezer and added the kale and peas.




Chips and Mushy Peas

30 Sep

Does the thought of a chippy tea have you drooling?

Why not make a chippy tea at home.

Chips and mushy peas are my favourite. Maybe you could add some baked fish (without batter) to go with it.



  • Cut your potatoes into desired shapes, chips, fries, wedges or scallops and coat them in melted coconut oil. Bake until done.
  • Take some frozen peas and boil until tender and whiz in the blender with a pinch of Himalayan crystal salt
  • For ketchup I used tomato puree and a pinch of chilli powder. Im going to experiment with new ideas for ketchup!
  • If you eat fish consider baking some fish, sprinkled with herbs to up your protein and healthy fat content.

Let me know about your chippy tea!


All or Nothing? No way!

30 Sep

Its not all or nothing. You are a woman who wants the best of both worlds.

To be able to drink wine, dine in restaurants or cafes (if your like me) and indulge in some sweet cravings.

But you also want to feel better in your clothes, feel less sluggish and tired AND look radiant.

It is possible and how much you spend in each world depends on your exercise. These three things matter…a lot!

Consistency, intensity and specificity.

Consistency – exercise does not have to consume your life. It doesn’t even have to be a daily occurrence but it does have to be regular and you do have to be consistent.

Intensity – gone are the days trying to burn calories in a treadmill. Exercise where you long for it to be over and it feels like it could be doing you more harm than good. You know when it feels like your bones and joints can take no more.

Specific – when you are a woman who wants the best of both worlds it is essential that you do strength work. As you age, muscle begins to deteriorate unless you do something to stimulate new muscle growth. Not all exercise is created equal.

So how often, how intense and how specific?

If you can find 20-40 minutes 3-4 times a week your on your way to life changing results. But you can’t do it for three weeks then stop!

Ever wondered why you feel weak walking up stairs and lifting heavy objects? Your body is not used to it on a consistent (that word again) basis. If you don’t give your muscles a reason to get stronger than why would they? You have to give them the signals they need by using them more intensely than you would all the times you are not exercising.

What is specific to us women who want the best of both worlds?

Counting calories and then trying to run them off is a losing battle. Not only that but if you do not include strength work you also run (excuse the pun) the risk of burning your muscles as fuel. Double disaster. All it takes is one bad food choice and you have run up a debt of a few hours running.

Having more muscle on your body burns calories even while you sleep. Running is a great hobby and a great way of keeping fit but you must have strength training in your week. Consistently! So in this instance as a woman who wants the best of both worlds we specifically want to build muscle so we become a fat burning machine.

Don’t worry about getting bulky, more on that next time….

Periscope – It’s The Future

28 Sep

Do you like social media? Facebook, instagram, pinterest or any of the others?

Whether you do or don’t I just have to share this one with you…Periscope! It may become your favourite and easily addictive.
Periscope is a live streaming app that lets you press ‘start broadcast’ video and that’s it you are LIVE to the world, GULP! But it also allows you to be a viewer and remain anonymous.
I have been raving about Periscope for weeks now encouraging people to get the app and many have seen my LIVE broadcasts. Or at least the REPLAY of it.
What can Periscope offer you?
As a broadcaster:
  • You can get your message out there and inspire others. Offer support build a community or just share your life experiences.
  • If you have a passion or hobby you want to share with people then you can build a following and teach them tips and tricks.
  • You can do a private scope with friends or family

As a viewer:

  • Meet new people/Socialise
  • Learn new things

Search the map of the world and tap where you see red dots. That means someone is broadcasting. Read the stream title for clues of the content. Be wary of non profile pictures and no description but I guarantee you will find something interesting.

It is easy to be a viewer. You don’t have to say or do anything but watch if that’s what you want.

Periscope is the fastest growing social media app ever and it is only going to get better.

When events happen round the world there is always going to be there to broadcast it live. It is more powerful than the news!

I have watched sunsets across the world, chatted with millionaires, seen live concerts and listened and talk to every day people form across the globe.


The etiquette:
If you enjoy the broadcaster give hearts by tapping the screen. Share their broadcast on twitter or Facebook by swiping right to left on ios or swipe up on android and press the relevant link or share with all or specific followers.
Its a simple app to use.
What inspires my scopes is what inspires me to write for this website. The fact that you can help someone by sharing knowledge and offering support.
Whichever side of the camera you want to be on Periscope is for everyone.
Find me on Periscope here. Happy scoping!

What’s The Plan?

24 Sep

What’s the plan?

In the downloadable form I gave you to build your perfect menu, have you placed anything in it yet?

Did you try a new recipe based on healthier, wheat free, minimal processed foods? Did you write it down? Did you add the ingredients to your shopping List?

Are there some nights in your week that you don’t have anything on? No driving around, dropping off picking up. Why not make them special nights where you focus on cooking and spending quality time with loved ones.

To help you be inspired I have a few suggestions…

For instance on a Saturday night I end up making a curry for me and my fiancé so that is one day box taken care of.

On a Wednesday evening I do not work so me and my daughter have started cooking together and even though it will be a different recipe each time that is another evening taken care of.

Every time you find a new recipe, simple or not place it in the box relevant. So you could come up with 7 breakfast ideas, 7 lunches and 7 evening meals.

Even if your form has only a couple of ideas that you are confident whipping up then it’s ok to repeat them until you have built your list.

I urge people to fine tune a 3 day plan and repeat until you are ready to expand. Make sure it fits your lifestyle.

Where do you need to grab and go versus when can you prepare and cook?

Soon you will end up with many meal ideas that you can rotate. Often you will find that you use the same ingredients to make different varieties like…

Soups – creamy, green, meaty or spicy. But they are all soups.

Chilli – mushroom, potato, vegetable or meaty. But they are all chilli.

Curry – creamy, mild, chick pea, lentil, vegetable or meaty. But they are all curry.

Salad – fish, avocado, meaty, warm or cold but they are all salads.

Form the ingredients above you can make other recipes like a cottage pie, ratatouille, stir fries.

Repeating, re using and rejigging, all work to widen your menu.

As you go, you learn more, discover new ideas and find shopping, cooking and planning easier.

If you are shopping this weekend what are you leaving out and adding in?

Are you going to increase the amount of vegetables you buy?

Are you going to attempt a new recipe?

Are you going to cook for yourself, friends and family as a treat and make it more of an occasion than doing the usual ?

If so plan it now and execute later, otherwise you may find you are caught out and lose control of your diet.

Down Time

23 Sep

Down time is time you are literally stood or sat around doing nothing. Usually waiting for someone or something

Waiting in the car when picking someone up
Sat in a waiting room
Stood in a queue

That type of thing.

Notice how often this happens and seeing you can use the time productively.

Waiting times can be spent

Whilst driving. – Listening to audios. Download a podcast or even listen to calming music compared to stressful news bulletins and traffic updates

Waiting rooms – have a book with you whether it be fiction or educational. Reading will take your mind of everyday nonsense and if you spot a good article in a waiting room magazine or a recipe take a photo for future reference! If you don’t document it, it will leave your mind forever.

Planning – plan your week. Make lists of things you need to do and get the clutter out of your mind and on to paper.

Don’t Wing It!

23 Sep

Don’t wing it!

If you have been Trying to improve your diet but found you are not making changes, it could be the busy lifestyle you are leading or the mindset you find yourself in.

If you are busy putting everything and everyone else first, why?

Fo you not deserve to be a priority in your life?

It isn’t selfish. If you want and need to be looking after others then don’t they deserve you to be at your best to do your best by them?

on this set I have included forms to print (or design your own) to keep a visible tracker of what you are doing and what you need to do.

Think about this

What unimportant things do you give your valuable time to?

Candy crush
Coronation street

Ok they may be a feature you want to stay in your life but should they be the first thing you give your attention to when you have some spare time?

If you have a moment instead of turning to things like these why not whip out your notes and tweak them. Improve them. Look at a new recipe and jot down what you need.


Go here to see the resources

Don’t wing it, till your in the swing of it!

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