PLEASE NOTE: NO CLASS on Monday 4th February 2019. We will have a STRONG BY ZUMBA class as usual on Wednesday 6th February.

Call Shirley (site owner, fitness professional, friendly person) to discuss anything you would like help with relating to your quest to get fitter and healthier ON 07722033259.

Strong By Zumba

Get STRONG and have fun doing it! Click image for more details

It is no secret what I promote more than anything is strength for women. Building strength requires you to build muscle and for this to happen there must be a challenge to your muscles.

This class builds on previous Zumba experience, moving to music and brings in exercises based around three core moves.

Squats – lower body
Press up – upper body
Plank – mid section

In those three moves you will cover strengthening for the entire body, bringing increased firmness.

One thing I love about this class and is something I make sure happens in all my classes is that it can be catered to any level.

No matter your age, fitness level or ability I can take you to where you are now and develop your fitness to where you want it to be. It depends on your willingness to go for it.

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